Brand and the Email Journey How email plays with brand

How does brand and email play together? Brand can be such an abstract concept. It can be difficult for some to truly grasp the notion of brand. Most people think of it as just your logo and colors, but oh no, it’s soooo much more. Brand is how your company is perceived. And managing your brand are the steps you take to control that perception.

Brand Experience

So, you may be wondering, how does email come into play with branding? Sure, there’s your logo, colors and tone of voice when writing your emails. But have you thought about how your subscribers experience those emails you’re sending? Here are a few questions you can ask yourself:

  • What do they think about when they open a message from you?
  • Is the message reaching them at the most opportune time making it irresistibly relevant that they need to know more?
  • Are you tailoring your message based on where they are in their journey?
  • Are you putting yourself in their shoes as they make their way through the different stages of your funnel?

Consistent Branding

A great customer experience involves having a consistent brand communication every step of the way, and that includes email. You most likely have branding for everything else such as your website and social media channels, so why wouldn’t you do it for your emails as well? Email, and specifically your email journey, is an excellent way to build your brand image! Branded emails become memorable communications and ultimately a more personal experience.

Brand Email Campaigns

You can even create a dedicated campaign to promote and convey your brand image. This is actually a great way to build an emotional connection. Here are some content examples you can use:

  • Meaning – take the time to tell a story of a problem and how your product solves that problem in an empathetic way.
  • Connection – increase your company’s perceived value by creating messaging that hits people on an emotional level.
  • Culture – find ways to showcase your company culture; consumers want authenticity so be sure to incorporate your values within your design.
  • BTS – sharing some “behind the scenes” will help make them feel like they’re a part of your brand.

When building your email journeys, keep your brand identity in mind. From your welcome series to retention efforts, email journeys can be built around the image you’re trying to create.