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Email journeys revolutionize your email marketing

By creating email marketing campaigns that improve the customer journey, you’ll grow sales, increase brand awareness and build life-long relationships with your customers.

Just like plants need nurturing, your prospects need a little tender loving care too! After you capture a lead, the seed of that relationship has been planted and it’s up to you what the fate will be. Will you nurture it, so they ultimately become a customer, buy more from you and your business grows? Or will you ignore it and continue blindly sending random emails hoping one will stick?

With Customer Experience Email Marketing, you reach the right person, with the right message at the right moment. It’s the perfect environment for your business to grow! Get the help you need with your email journeys to start increasing conversions.


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  • “To say Marilyn transformed our customer communications would be an understatement! We increased conversions by 25% and decreased the number of customers lost per month. She’s become my go-to expert in this space.” Read more

    – Olivera Odjanic, Vice President of Marketing
  • “From product launches to website redesigns to book releases, Marilyn was there every step of the way. She was truly an extension of the marketing team, was easy to work with and helped us take our email marketing to the next level.” Read more

    – Pam Talevski, Director of Marketing
  • “Marilyn was able to add unique and creative insights to every execution. She has great instincts and can be trusted to make rapid, smart decisions – always to deadline and at high quality. She’s a rare find and a must hire.” Read more

    – Seth Cummings, Chief Marketing Officer

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